In the late summer of 2013 I heard the voice of Mother Gaia resounding inside of me, guiding me to share her message with as many people as I could reach. This type of communication was a new experience, but Mother Earth herself was no stranger to me. ​

I was born on the the Big Island of Hawai'i in a tipi built above an underground hot springs often called the center of the Earth. My early childhood was spent on the island in a community of people who loved Gaia and sought to live in harmony with Her. We lived in small homes without electricity, phones, or running water. Our days were spent swimming naked in the ocean, growing fruits and vegetables, and gathering to sing and dance around the fire. In those years I knew the voice of Gaia as part of the very fabric of my existence, and had no idea it was possible to live without this connection. 

A couple of months before my sixth birthday my mom and I moved to Oakland, California. It was painful to be separated from the natural world and from my community. I was shocked by the concrete, cars, and custom of sitting still in school. But the stories of war, starvation and environmental destruction were even more shocking - and deeply heartbreaking. I knew I had to help heal our human culture. Hoping to have a big impact, I became intensely focused on the social sciences and ambitious about my success in school. This led me to Brown University where I studied international relations and began working in public policy and social service. It was inspiring to learn from esteemed and progressive teachers and to participate in social change. But something was missing. ​

Throughout my life I had spiritual experiences that seeped through my linear focus on social science. In 2009, spiritual healing and connection with Mother Gaia came to the forefront of my experience. I began practicing Body Tales, a healing form that combines improvisational movement, personal storytelling and communion with nature. Body Tales renewed my connection with creativity, spirituality, my own body, and our Mother Earth. I became deeply involved in the practice and am currently a Body Tales teacher-in-training.

During the same period, I fell deeply in love with yoga, which I had been practicing for several years. In 2015 I became certified to teach by Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Since then I've developed a yoga practice called Gaia Flow that is both grounding and enlivening, vigorous and relaxing. It is designed to bring the practitioner into deep connection with their own body and spirit and with Mother Gaia. I've taught yoga at Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, CA, for the World Education Foundation in Iraq, for youth groups in New York City and for private clients in both California and New York. 

I recently moved back to California from New York, where I was studying in a graduate Peacebuilding program at the NYU Center for Global Affairs. This program reconnected me with my interest in social science and my deep desire to help heal the broken systems of our global human society. I am currently living in Sebastopol, CA and I finishing my thesis, The Politics of Unconditional Love. I envision a long-term career at the intersection of personal healing and social transformation. 

I'm available to teach Gaia Flow yoga at local studios and to facilitate Gaia Flow ceremonies and private sessions. I'm also available for work in peacebuilding, social justice, and sustainability in Sonoma County and the greater SF Bay Area.