Eden is a healer and peacebuilder devoted to Mother Earth and this Universe with which we are all One. She was born in a horse trough in tipi on the Big Island of Hawaii and her early years were spent in a rural community on the island. They lived in small homes without plumbing, electricity or telephones and spent their days swimming in the ocean and gathering to sing and dance in honor of the Earth.

‚ÄčEden moved to Oakland, California just before she turned six. She was shocked by the concrete, traffic and custom of sitting still in school. She was also shocked by the stories she heard of war, starvation and environmental destruction. Eden knew she had to find a way to help heal these problems. So she learned as much as she could about human society, delving deeply into history, art, literature, and political science. Her passion for learning eventually led her to Brown University where she studied international relations.

In 2010 Eden began practicing Body Tales, a healing practice that combines improvisational movement and personal storytelling. It changed her life, helping her to develop artistically and commune deeply with her body and the Earth. Eden has assisted Body Tales founder, Olivia Corson, in the practice and is now facilitating workshops in New York and Iraq. 

At the same time, Eden began practicing yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance and shamanic prayer. These spiritual practices opened her to incredible visceral experiences of unconditional love, cosmic unity and communion with Mother Earth. After graduating from Brown, Eden fully dedicated herself to spiritual exploration and fell even more deeply in love with yoga. In 2015 she completed a teacher training at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Since then she has developed her own form of practice, called Gaia Flow. 

Eden began a graduate program in Peacebuilding at NYU in the fall of 2016. She is excited to be integrating the realms of personal healing and social transformation through this program. She is also excited to offer yoga and Body Tales to students in New York.