​​Peacebuilding is the art of transforming conflict and creating sustainably peaceful human communities. Eden is a current graduate student in Peacebuilding at the NYU Center for Global Affairs and is available for work as a peacebuilding consultant, in addition to being a worksop leader. Her Body Tales and Yoga workshops facilitate skills that allow participants to engage with themselves and others in more peaceful ways, such as empathy, unconditional love, honest expression and active witnessing. 


Gaia Flow Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of spiritual and physical healing designed to align our energy with the energy of the Universe. Gaia Flow is a prayerful and harmonizing flow that facilitates deep communion with Mother Earth, which Eden developed during 2013-2016. It includes hatha, vinyasa and yin practices and draws on techniques developed in Body Tales and other somatic and shamanic arts. Eden often integrates yoga practices into her Body Tales workshops. She is also available to teach private sessions and public classes at yoga studios.  

Olivia Corson

Body Tales is a healing practice that integrates improvisational movement and personal storytelling. It teaches the vital skills of empathy, non-judgmental witnessing, self-care, somatic awareness and ecological connection. It was developed by Olivia Corson in Oakland, California. Eden's mom, Lysa Castro, has been teaching Body Tales since Eden was a child. Eden has been practicing Body Tales since 2010 and began assisting Olivia Corson with her workshops and classes in 2013. Eden has facilitated Body Tales workshops in Rhode Island, Southern California, New York City, and Kurdistan of Iraq. She will be offering a series of workshops to youth centers, women's centers in New York  in 2018. Eden is also available to teach workshops for peacebuilding organizations, humanitarian organizations, yoga studios, dance studios and festivals in NYC and abroad. 

Body Tales

Lysa Castro